Ms Sanam Jain, Director, Nanotechnology IT Innovator, Advisor.


She is a visionary Director of Business Analysis (IT) and Nanotechnology. She is an experienced Director, and head of cloud and nano technologies with a demonstrated history of working in the IT, technology, AI, business systems, e-commerce IT, healthcare, banking and financial services, renewable energy, and IoT industries. Her advanced leadership skills are leveraged in the board level experience and value-based decision-making, long-term strategy, lean governance, VUCA resilience, creative visualization, intellectual curiosity, mindful intelligence, and Emotional intelligence.


She is adept at digital innovation, corporate transformation, business analysis, project management, lateral and design thinking, business documentation, data mapping, and product evangelism, with business acumen and strong IT and nanotechnology skills. She has delivered spectacular success in helping Fortune 500 industries achieve their IT and nanotechnology goals with superior productivity and helped to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage with above-average returns.


She has a dream of acquainting the world with the “Power of Green IT and Nanotechnology applications” in umpteen fields like Banking and Financial Services, Energy, Medical, Cancer, Solar Plants, Robotics, Defence, Security, etc. She is focused, dynamic, result-oriented, and an efficient time manager. She has an interest in dancing, reading, music, gymnastics, yoga, fitness, travel, adventure sports, swimming etc.





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