We have a clear set goal of acquainting people about the field of Green Nanotechnology that will be bigger than any other field i.e. Biotechnology, IT etc. You have heard that the “The World has gone Mobile” or “The World has gone Digital” or “The World has gone Computers”. We aim at acquainting people that “The World will go Green Nanotechnology in the near future.”

We dream of educating potential Green Nanotechnology enthusiasts with the massive and vehement changes that the world will experience with the mandatory existence of Green Nanotechnology in our near future. We hope to welcome you graciously to be an important part of our “Global Green Nano-Revolution Family”.




Nano Serendipity International International works to create a global digital platform in the field of Green Nanotechnology training, research and consulting focusing on Green Sustainable Energy, by bringing together industries, students, corporate and faculty to learn from each other through our high quality low cost standardized training programs having the government and international certification / affiliation as well as collaboration/ partnerships.

We understand your need of approaching an Omni global digital platform for Green Nanotechnology training & education, research, consulting, products, materials, equipments, magazines and publications, so our mission is to provide you a user friendly, worthy digital platform suiting your needs. We simplify for you.

Our mission is to unite the Entrepreneurs /Investors /Venture Capitalists and Nanotechnology Scientists/Researchers/Students to mutually benefit from each other with the collaboration by offering lifetime membership with our organization. This speeds up the availability of newly discovered Nano Materials & Technology in the market for our consumers, adding to the development and amelioration in the global arena. (P.S We accept memberships only after reviewing the credentials of both the parties.) 




Innovate, execute “ Green Nanotechnology Technology Solutions & Transfer; focusing on “Employability skills, Applications, Sustainable Development” for a world class sustainable experience. Helping agnostic multiple industries solve their challenges with innovative and novel Nanotechnology solutions to make their areas of operations cost effective and energy efficient to reduce their carbon footprint globally. Ex: Global Industries: Real Estate, Hospitality, Solar Energy, Renewable Energy/Wind, Defense, Agriculture, Automobiles, Heavy vehicles, Farming machineries, Textiles, Electronics, Oil n Gas, Energy exploration and production, Power generation and Transmission, Maintenance of green building products n services, Healthcare, Education, Pharmaceuticals, AI, Aviation, Railways, Metros/Bullet trains, Shipping / Yachts, IoT, Nanosensors, Herbal, Cosmetics, Education, Robotics, Food, Security, Cosmetic surgery, Sports, Diagnostics, Space crafts, Optical engineering , Carbon Black, Consumer appliances, etc.



Core Values as our foundation

Commitment to innovation, results focused productivity, championing a sustainable cause, striving for excellence, collaborative DNA, passion for speed, strategic design thinking, novel solutions, diligence, tenacity, versatility, resilience, salience, authenticity, diversity, quality, cohesion.



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